Customized productivity for TV Channels at less than the cost of one employee.

Vibe - BMS Edition, the complete productivity solution for your channel.

Vibe - BMS Edition includes - Sales/CRM, Traffic Management, Scheduling, Editorial, Store Management, Vehicle/Equipment scheduling and management, Recruitment, Internal Communication, and Work Planner, Help Desk and Comprehensive MIS.

  • No upfront or customization charges.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Monthly billing. No setup charges.
  • Offer is for India customers only, taxes as applicable.

Why Vibe - BMS Edition

For the organization

  • Manual processes are error-prone, unmanageable, inefficient and cost more.
  • Over reliance on Excel/Email has information leaks, has little traceability and creates no management information.
  • Ad-hoc piecemeal automation creates information puddling, disconnected management information and leads to unusable MIS.

Vibe - BMS Edition is an integrated system to automate all the processes of your broadcasting operation. We even incorporate your in-house processes as a part of the on-boarding.

Sales Management

For the organization

  • De-centralize your sales function and bring discipline to your sales force while empowering them.
  • Assign and monitor targets, keep tab on the activity of your sales force.
  • Manage business accounts, contacts and track communication history.
  • Collaboratively work on opportunities.
  • Comprehensive analytical widgets, make your own dashboards.

For sales people

  • Keep your contacts private.
  • Manage appointments and plan your calendar.
  • Track your targets.

Traffic Management and Scheduling

  • Full automation from Deal to run reconciliation.
  • Multi-channel deals.
  • Easy FPC, Booking orders, and schedules.
  • Full integration with newsroom and playout.
  • Detailed MIS of your traffic processes.
  • Easy on-boarding, very little investment in learning.
  • Workflow enabled.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Instant messaging tools.

Store, Equipment/Vehicle Scheduling

  • Optimize the use of your fleet and equipment, streamline operations.
  • Equipment indents, issues, and gatepass management.
  • AMC, maintenance and service management.
  • Equipment utilization MIS.
  • Integrated with Editorial processes.
  • Intuitive and flexible user-interface.

Task Collaboration

  • Manage ad-hoc and periodic organizational tasks like - customer visits, proposals, trade-shows, pest-control etc. through the managed workflow.
  • Keep history and performance data and analyze.


For the organization

  • Maintain candidate database online - searchable resumes.
  • Efficient searches - use keywords or create candidate profiles.
  • Manage hiring agencies.
  • Monitor performance of the hiring team/HR.

For the hiring team

  • Manage hiring requests and monitor progress.
  • Search candidate database or source and add new candidates.
  • Create requirement wise short-lists.
  • Maintain evaluation records.
  • Hiring workflow - assign interviews internally and capture feedback.

Help Desk

  • Formalize help desk functions like IT, housekeeping, procurement etc.
  • Workflow enabled - track and monitor and enforce performance of the help desk.

Internal Communication

  • Instant messaging for users.
  • Workflow alerts and other notifications.

User configurable Dashboards

  • Comprehensive set of analytical widgets for all modules.
  • Canned standard dashboards.
  • Assemble your own dashboards and configure filters for widgets.
  • Support for fixed dynamic filter options for finer data control.

Work Planner

  • Users can see the consolidated work view and deadlines.
  • Calendar summary view and detailed list view.
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