Cross-platform Server-driven Mobile UI!

{Five times faster development}

Keep a step ahead of the times - Server-driven mobile UI is the future. ZOAPIIO combines the full power of server-driven mobile apps with cross-platform app development - all with minimal programming.

An industry first - Server-driven mobile UI right in your WebIDE

  • Web based IDE - nothing to download or install, besides the Flutter environment and the IDE you are already using.
  • No Flutter experience required - work with your existing developers.
  • Zero programming overhead - switch between Server-driven pages and compiled pages by flick of a switch.

What is Server-driven Mobile UI?

There are certain challenges in updating and releasing newer versions of your app to existing users-

  •  Play store approval and release takes time.
  •  By the time all users are updated - it could be days, even weeks.
  •  If a buggy release is pushed to the users by mistake, delays in flushing it out of the system could hurt your business.

Server-driven mobile UI allows you to update the UI from the server, without requiring a compile, release, and publish. ZOAPIIO delivers this full power to your apps.

Bla Bla. Boring?

We feel you. A technology as cutting-edge and exciting as this cannot be described by words alone. You need to know how it does it - the nuts and bolts. Here is a little roadmap for the interested. If any of the following applies to you, read on -

  • Thinking of developing cross-platform mobile apps and Server-driven benefits excite you now or want to retain flexibility for future.
  • Struggling with budgets, skill crunch, multiple codebases and backlogs in your app development, and want to simplify and save money.
  • You are a mobile tech enthusiast and just want to explore new things.

ZOAPIIO is the way to go

Time to talk details and get into action. If you are heading a business, a profit centre, or a product division and have questions or would like to know more, please write to us in the box provided. Alternatively, find a technical person in your team and ask them to go through the training videos below.

If you are a technical person yourself, the training videos will get you right up to speed. Subscribe for free and start building mobile apps.

Video Tutorial.