Customizable Office productivity for US$ 274/month.

ZOAPIIO brings you Vibe - the complete office productivity solution.

Vibe includes - Sales Management, Project Collaboration, Task Collaboration, Recruitment, Help Desk, Customer Support/CRM, Customer Surveys (NPS), Internal Communication, and Work Planner.

  • What you see is what you pay - no hidden charges or taxes.
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Monthly billing. No setup charges. One month free trial.

Optionally, we can customize your Vibe instance for just US$ 70/month. Typically, customization means you cannot get regular product updates but with ZOAPIIO technology, you get best of both worlds. Customized instances continue to get regular product enhancements and features.

Sales Management

For the organization

  • De-centralize your sales function and bring discipline to your sales force while empowering them.
  • Assign and monitor targets, keep tab on the activity of your sales force.
  • Manage business accounts, contacts and track communication history.
  • Collaboratively work on opportunities.
  • Comprehensive analytical widgets, make your own dashboards.

For sales people

  • Keep your contacts private.
  • Manage appointments and plan your calendar.
  • Track your targets.

Project Collaboration

For the (services) organization

  • Manage projects, resources and teams.
  • Compare projects on productivity, quality and timeliness.
  • Keep track of customer satisfaction and analyze trends.
  • Comprehensive analytical widgets, make your own dashboards.

For the projects

  • Searchable knowledge repository - maintain project artifacts online.
  • Manage work - maintain user requirements, work-breakdown, estimates, activities and allocations.
  • Workflow enabled - log daily time, get detailed insight into the individual performance.
  • Manage customer deliveries, sprints - and track progress.
  • Maintain defects and customer feedback.
  • Monitor quality - causal analysis or defects.
  • Track resource loading and balance work-allocation.

Customer (b2c) Support/CRM

  • On-line ticketing system for the customer issues.
  • Maintain customer database within Vibe - or import using the DB assistant import wizard.
  • Link the customer support to an email Id and automatically create tickets.
  • Fully workflow enabled - keep communication trail with the customer.
  • Analyze load levels and performance of the support team and plan capacity.
  • Get detailed insight into customer satisfaction.

Task Collaboration

  • Manage ad-hoc and periodic organizational tasks like - customer visits, proposals, trade-shows, pest-control etc. through the managed workflow.
  • Keep history and performance data and analyze.


For the organization

  • Maintain candidate database online - searchable resumes.
  • Efficient searches - use keywords or create candidate profiles.
  • Manage hiring agencies.
  • Monitor performance of the hiring team/HR.

For the hiring team

  • Manage hiring requests and monitor progress.
  • Search candidate database or source and add new candidates.
  • Create requirement wise short-lists.
  • Maintain evaluation records.
  • Hiring workflow - assign interviews internally and capture feedback.

Help Desk

  • Formalize help desk functions like IT, housekeeping, procurement etc.
  • Workflow enabled - track and monitor and enforce performance of the help desk.

Internal Communication

  • Instant messaging, file exchange, and web conferencing.
  • Workflow alerts and other notifications.

User configurable Dashboards

  • Comprehensive set of analytical widgets for all modules.
  • Canned standard dashboards.
  • Assemble your own dashboards and configure filters for widgets.
  • Support for fixed dynamic filter options for finer data control.

Work Planner

  • Users can see the consolidated work view and deadlines.
  • Calendar summary view and detailed list view.