Lease custom apps!

{for your startup}

Getting a grip on the application development is a major challenge for startups. Both build and outsource options are fraught with problems and risks. Take advantage of ZOAPIIO Vista - our custom app lease program for startups.

Cut development cost, time, and risk

  • Fixed low monthly charge - guaranteed not to exceed 50% of the equivalent monthly payroll.
  • Faster time to market.
  • No commitment to buy, cancel anytime - validate your idea at our expense.
  • At the time of buy, simply pay the pre-agreed balance amount in cash or equity.

Turnkey and agile

  • Full project responsibility and hassle free outsourcing.
  • Agile development methodology.
  • Weekly staging builds.
  • Shared on-line Project Management dashboard and document repository.
  • Directly create User Stories on the dashboard with fully transparent view of the progress.

Never hire a programmer again

We cover full spectrum of technology requirements of a modern day internet venture. Our development stack is,

  • Backend: Java/SQL Database.
  • Web front-end: HTML5, jQuery and Bulma Css framework.
  • Mobile: Flutter, or PWA.
  • Enterprise App/Back office: ZOAPIIO.
  • Deployment: Linux, AWS/Cloud, Docker - as per preference.

In tune with startup culture

  • MVP in 6 weeks - guaranteed.
  • Gradual definition and detailing of requirements.
  • Build, user-feedback, and adapt cycle.
  • Easy to budget because of fixed cost - no sudden surprises.

The fine print

While our expertise covers the full spectrum of application types, there may be certain instances, for which this proposition is not a best fit. At the time of writing,

  • We cannot accept apps that have significant involvement of Gaming, AI or Blockchain.
  • In order to keep the number of variables to a minimum, we consistently stick with the current tech stack. If you have a non-negotiable reason for a different development environment, that too will be a hard pass.