Get your Java REST or GraphQL application - Fast and free.

Fastest way to build Java applications

Build and test your application on-line using the power of ZOAPIIO platform and download the Java project - no sign-up fee, no royalty.

  • Uses JPA for ORM, Jackson library for Object mapping, Tomcat as Java server and Maven for dependency resolution and build.
  • Standards driven - no proprietary dependency like Spring, Hibernate or any ZOAPIIO runtime component.
  • Hibernate can be used as JPA engine, but not required.
  • Lightweight - works with fast Java IDE like Visual Code.
  • Structured, readable and maintainable code.
  • Ready to run application.

We recommend that you build, maintain and run your applications on the hosted ZOAPIIO container (on-line or on-premise). However, we are continusly expanding the options for our users of all budgets.

* The fine print

  • Downloaded Java project does not replicate all features of on-line or on-premise deployment.
  • Gaps are flagged and may require manual patch-up after generation.
  • Free tier may limit the number of tables in your project.

Simple as 1-2-3

Build using the power of ZOAPIIO Web-IDE and run anywhere. 1- Create database. 2- Import into your project. 3- Generate APIs.

  • No Java, REST or GraphQL expertise required.
  • Generic programming knowledge is desired.