Enterprise Dashboards

A common driver for bringing the enterprise information together, is the management decision support. ZOAPIIO extends its Web-API capabilities with a visualization application that lets you create your own dashboards.

Advantage ZOAPIIO

An off-the-shelf (COTS) dashboarding solution fits well where your applications are also off-the-shelf (or SaaS) products and their data interfaces are publicly available. Similarly, if your data is all in a single database (relational or otherwise), a COTS dashboarding tool could drive your dashboards.

However, for your enterprise applications which are either home grown or heavily customized products, you are left with having to build your own MIS dashboards using a charting library.

That is where ZOAPIIO is unique. The ZOAPIIO dashboard runs off data sourced from open Web-APIs. This, when combined with ZOAPIIO's powerful Web-API building capabilities, you get the saving and convenience of an off-the-shelf dashboarding solution with the power and flexibility of bespoke.

ZOAPIIO visualization app's open Web-APIs mean that the Web-APIs in your dashboards need not be ZOAPIIO hosted. If your development teams can provide the APIs, you can use the ZOAPIIO visualization app independently without going through the ZOAPIIO application runtime.

The visualization app

ZOAPIIO's visualization application is not just for dashboards and it is not even an application - it is a meta application. Using the ZOAPIIO's unique Web-IDE and a configuration, you generate the visualization application according to your needs - and yes you can generate multiple applications. The visualization app comes with features like-

  • Users, teams, roles and authentication management.
  • Configurable data entities and attributes.
  • Data management - search, list, edit.
  • Change history and audit.
  • End-user configurable multiple dashboards.
  • Common API JSON structure for all widgets.

All you need to provide is the Web-APIs to feed the widgets - using ZOAPIIO's Web-API runtime, or from your own custom environments.

Fully Secure

Your dashboard application gets the full security benefits of the ZOAPIIO application container. You can, but are not required to, store any business data in the ZOAPIIO application. You can easily configure your visualization app as per your data privacy considerations. Your business data can simply pass through the ZOAPIIO application Web-APIs without getting stored, or the data can directly be served by Web-APIs outside of ZOAPIIO application.

Lastly, the On-premise deployment option of ZOAPIIO let us you get full ownership of the servers and you have complete freedom to configure the visualization app to the best of ZOAPIIO capabilities, without consideration of privacy issues.

Game, Set and Match

The most common challenge in enterprise MIS is to deal with information sources that do not have an API. ZOAPIIO's Web-scraping support makes is a breeze to get to those hard-to-reach places. A truly comprehensive Web-API integration and dashboarding solution - be a winner with ZOAPIIO.

Professional Services

If you would like us to help you get started with ZOAPIIO visualization app, get in touch with us.