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Proven performance

ZOAPIIO application container comes with proven performance and reliability. Representative large installations based on
ZOAPIIO technology -

One of Britain's largest Banks

  • Automation of HR Process Outsourcing.

  • Fully built and implemented on ZOAPIIO technology.

  • Over 100 users.

  • Global operations.

One of India's largest Inbound
Travel houses

  • Comprehensive Travel ERP, online and B2B bookings, GDS integration.

  • Fully built and implemented on ZOAPIIO technology.

  • Flights, Hotels, Packages, mid-office, and backoffice.

  • Solid performance under demanding conditions.

From Scratch to Launch

Custom Server Application

  • You will design your own database, third-party integrations and the APIs.

  • You require basic understanding of databases, XML/JSON, and programming constructs.

  • Use the DB Assistant to create your database.

  • Open your project in ZOAPIIO Web-IDE, import the table definitions, and load the message structures.

  • Create APIs and write your programs using the ZOAPIIO graphical drag-drop logic builder.

  • The ZOAPIIO environment takes the tech complexity out of your way, allowing you to focus on the application.

  • You can add Java program functions in your project (Java core programming knowledge required).

  • Simply deploy the project and start using the APIs immediately.

  • Experience productivity gains of up to 10X.

Complete Business Application

  • You will build a business application, or the back-office module of a Web-Application.

  • The application will have canned UI - optimized for executing business processe (not web users).

  • A web frontend can be, optionally, added over the same APIs that drive the business application (Required knowledge of front-end programming).

  • You will use ZOAPIIO's powerful App Wizard to generate almost 80% of your application automatically.

  • Using the various customization features of the wizard, you will add custom pages, reports, and dashboards.

  • Your application is ready to use immediately.

  • You will build your application incrementally, adding features as you go along, throughout is lifecycle.

  • Experience productivity gains of up to 10X.

Custom Business Processes/Robotic Processes

  • ZOAPIIO supports custom processes via out of box support for OCR and Web-Scraping. Additionally, you can integrate third-party APIs into your processes.

  • ZOAPIIO App wizard has workflow support. This means that configuration of your Business Process workflows does not require programming.

  • Typical real life processes that are more complex may require some programming.

  • Consider a common process handling invoices arriving as PDF files or scanned images. The details of the process would be such that a generic workflow cannot handle it.

  • Our professional services team can help you in traning or help with building complex workflows.

  • Experience productivity gains of up to 10X.

ZOAPIIO server with Custom front-end

  • If you are using ZOAPIIO to automatically generate your application, you have the option to directly use the Web-service APIs and plug them into your own front-end.

  • Just build your front-end like you would otherwise build it and call the services to interact with the application.

  • ZOAPIIO takes it further, though. It comes with a data binding framework that lets you bind the UI directly with server entities.

  • The details of communicating with the server and caching the data is managed by the framework.

  • The core ZOAPIIO philosophy is that the application development today is far too complex than it needs to be.

  • The ZOAPIIO data-binding framework lets you go from HTML/CSS to fully functional application with very little programming.

  • Combining the power of application generation and the data-binding framework gets you your application very fast.

ZOAPIIO Server & Mobile Applications

  • The mobile applications also use the same Web-servive APIs that the Web application uses.

  • The mobile applications are now moving towards a new standard - PWA - which, quite possibly, is the future of mobile applications.

  • The PWA standard represents the much needed convergence of the mobile and web applications by taking the responsive applications a step furtuer.

  • The PWA applications are developed as HTML/CSS like a web application.

  • The ZOAPIIO data-binding framework delivers the same convenience and leverage to the mobile apps that it does for web applications.

  • The delivery of services and products over the Intenet revolve around the Web-Service APIs. API is our middle name, any model of business applications that one that image can benefit from ZOAPIIO technology.


Thinking GraphQL?

GraphQL is gaining popularity as an alternative Web-API. The GraphQL eco-system has sufficiently matured and is finding
acceptance. ZOAPIIO is on-board.

New GraphQL Server

  • Build new GraphQL server on ZOAPIIO.

  • Or convert existing ZOAPIIO REST services to GraphQL
    within minutes.

  • Automatic schema generation.

  • No need to learn GraphQL.

GraphQL Wrappers

  • Have existing REST services?

  • Build GraphQL wrapper on ZOAPIIO effortlessly.

  • Automatic Schema generation.

  • No programming skills required.


ZOAPIIO’s unique Web Development Environment (Web-IDE) takes the task of building server Web-APIs out of traditional boundaries and puts it in the hands of everyday users. If you have a good understanding of your business requirements, all you need is a basic exposure to XML and concepts of programming logic.

OAuth2 2.0 support. Origin IP based checks. Third-party penetration test audited and certified.

Best of both worlds with ZOAPIIO - build and test using managed cloud instance. Switch to on-premise installation for additional control and security.

The power is in your hands. Build and debug your Web-APIs on-line, using ZOAPIIO's full featured Web-IDE. No downloads required and no requirement for expensive programming resources.

Support for multiple relational databases in the same application. Web based data management. Cloud (S3) file storage support.

"Compile-build-deploy" cycle in conventional Java development is a big drain on programmer time. ZOAPIIO applications are fully hot-deployed, freeing up valuable time. The services you deploy are ready to run immediately. Save on devops overheads.

Full two-way support for GrahpQL, REST, SOAP, MQ, and MQTT - means support for all forms of integration. There is even support for reading from HTML Web sources to allow integration with legacy applications.

Extreme code generation. High-level programming abstraction. Drag-drop logic builder. Innovative pass throuh data binding. All, and much more, to get up and running with your apps at blazing speed.

Several innovations, staring with Web-IDE, drag-drop programming, pass-through data binding, hot deployment and many more.

In addition to the On-premise deployment option, ZOAPIIO now offers a limited capability to convert and download your application as a Java/Maven project. You can build and run it in any Java IDE of your choice. Details

If you need our services in building ZOAPIIO based applications, contact us.


ZOAPIIO subscription plans

There is one for every size and budget.

What you get with your ZOAPIIO

ZOAPIIO subscription gets you a zero-setup ready to use environment.

  • Hosted dedicated application container

  • Dedicated MySQL DB Instance

  • Apache Active MQ Queues/Topics

  • Web-based designer, debugger and DB admin tools

  • Tier-based traffic, DB size and performance assurance

  • Configurable Visualization app

  • No setup or upfront charges

  • Simple monthly billing

  • Technical Support